SS Rajamouli Admits His Jealousy Over Malayalam Cinema For This Reason

At the success party of the Malayalam movie "Premalu", SS Rajamouli said that he was jealous of the Malayalam movie as it produced really good actors.

SS Rajamouli, one of the leading filmmakers in Indian Cinema who predominantly works in the Telugu film industry recently attended the success party of the Malayalam film “Premalu”. He lauded the film, cast and the entire crew for the outstanding creation and confessed his jealousy at the event towards Malayalam cinema. 

SS Rajamouli is not really a rom-com person and if you look at his films like “Baahubali” and “RRR”, you will get an idea about his creation. But he put forth his opinion on the rom-com at the success event of the movie in Hyderabad. He said, “It’s meant to be watched in theatres because it’s hilarious, when the people next to you laugh, you enjoy it more.” He was quite jealous of a Malayalam film star. He said, “It is with jealousy and pain that I admit the Malayalam film industry produces better actors. In this film too, they did a fantastic job. I think she has potential and I see a lot of love for her.”

“Premalu” a Malayalam film directed by Girish AD was released on February 9, 2024. The film is a love story which is presented in a humorous way. After watching this movie, SS Rajamouli’s son, SS Karthikeya, decided to release it in Telugu and the Telugu version of the movie released on March 8. The Telugu dialogues for the film were written by Aditya Hasan who is known for, “90’s – A Middle Class Biopic” a Telugu web series.

The Malayalam film industry is taking a drastic turn in cinematic creation. There have been many Malayalam movies that are trending on the internet and created a buzz over social media, like “Manjummel Boys”, “Bramayugam” etc. and you will get to see many new and common faces in those movies who really did a good job. 

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