The Sabarmati Report Teaser: Vikrant Massey, Raashii Khanna & Riddhi Dogra To Reveal Unsolved Mystery

Teaser of The Sabarmati Report shows the harsh side of Sabarmati train burning occurred in 2002 and media's take over this incident.

After Crew, Balaji Motion Pictures are ready for their next venture “The Sabarmati Report”. The makers dropped the teaser of the film on 28th March. One may easily guess what the movie is about. Yes, the film is based on the Godhra train burning incident that occurred in 2002 in Gujarat. The movie stole the media limelight when it revealed its video introduction a month ago. And now the teaser has given a wider space for audiences’ imagination. It has revealed two more faces associated with this movie.

The teaser gives you Goosebumps as it opens with a happy, joyful frame of Sabarmati Express at the Ayodhya station and within a fraction of seconds, the frame changes to the attacks happening on the train. Two different music tracks have been used to show the contrast in the situation: one is Ram Bhajan and another is loud frightening music. Raashii Khanna and Riddhi Dogra have prominent roles in the film alongside Vikrant Massey. The teaser shows that three of them are reporters, part of a news channel and indulge into the thorough investigation of the Sabarmati train incident that led to the burning of 59 innocents. The entire movie is based on one factor i.e. “Sabaramati train burning wasn’t an accident.’ At the same time, the teaser highlights the element of the media’s credibility and the politics the media is involved in. Nowadays, speaking in Hindi is a major drawback on media channels, while Hindi is the language of the common man in India. The teaser also shed some light on this language battle so that the majority of professional work will take place in Hindi and India will become Bharat.

Vikrant Massey is seen as a very energetic and truthful character, one who is at the urge to expose all injustice and truths. Raashii Khanna has a comparatively soft character and seems a close person to Vikrant Massey, whereas Riddhi Dogra’s character has an authoritative touch. Directed by Ranjan Chandel and produced by Ekta Kapoor, The Sabarmati Report will be released on May 3.

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