DISCHARGED: Bharti Singh Back At Home After A Surgery 

Bharti Singh was admitted to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital due to severe stomach pain, and now she got discharged after removing the stone in her kidney through surgery.

Laughter queen Bharti Singh has finally come back to her place after serving 3–4 days in the hospital. The actress was diagnosed with Kidney stone.  Before getting admitted to the Kokilaben Ambani hospital, she was going through severe stomach pain which she thought was usual, but without wasting much time, she approached a doctor and now Bharti Singh is done with her operation. She got a discharge from the doctors.

Bharti shared another Vlog on her YouTube channel where she has updated her fans about her health. There were reports of having a stone in her gall bladder. 2 days later, when she was in the hospital, the TV host underwent surgery to remove the stone from her kidney. She explained how severe the pain was and how it’s difficult to handle the kidney stone. She also revealed her emotional side when it comes to her son Gola. Bharti Singh, as a mother, is really a sensitive person. She expressed how much she was missing her son in the hospital, but on the day when she was about to get discharged, she got permission and called her son Gola to the hospital. Then she gifted a plane to him. Bharti showed the stone which was removed by surgery. It was quite a big stone, and thus it was obvious she had faced severe pain.

But the actress is at home now. Soon she would get back to her work to give her audiences all the new episodes of LOL Podcast. 

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