When A K Hangal Said “Mujhe Padma Bhushan Mila, Kya Karunga Isko Main, Chatunga?”

Bawarchi actor A.K. Hangal made some harsh statements about Bollywood's glamour, Indian politicians and system. He said that he was living in a rented house even after having a successful career in Bollywood.

One of the most versatile actors in the industry, A.K. Hangal, who is not in between us now but has left his impactful mark behind. A.K. Hangal made his acting debut through the movie ‘Teesri Kasam’ in 1966. And then he continued to work through many movies, sharing screens with renowned faces in the industry like Sanjeev Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Zareen Khan and many. A.K. Hangal was an actor who saw India before and after independence. He was also a part of the freedom struggle when he was a student. And thus he could differentiate between India pre- and post-independence. He criticized the politicians, system in post-independence India.

A.K. Hangal aka Avtar Kishan Hangal was awarded with Padma Bhushan. But he, being extra straight forward, said, “Mujhe Padma Bhushan Mila….Kya Karunga Isko Main…Chatunga?” He made this harsh statement in an exclusive conversation with Lehren. He further talked about how the people who got the power right after independence were not worth. They had bad intentions in their minds. And nowadays, people just show off everything.

A.K. Hangal shed some light on the glamorous world of Bollywood which he stayed away from. He said that there were many people in the industry close to him but none of them were friends with him. He disclosed that Sanjeev Kumar, one of the closest people to him, was not even his friend. He cried after hearing the news of Sanjeev Kumar’s death. It was difficult for him to digest the news. He didn’t even eat and work for a day after his death, but even after sharing such a strong bond, neither he nor Sanjeev went to each other’s house. Watch this most revealing interview of A.K.Hangal, who left this world in 2012.

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