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Shakti Kapoor On His Daughter: Shraddha Kapoor Is A Big Star

In a recent new interview, the iconic bollywood star talking about his daughter and son, Shakti Kapoor says Shraddha Kapoor is big star, Siddhanth is on his way to make it big.

We all know that the iconic bollywood star Shakti Kapoor really needs no introduction as he has been ruling on hearts of audiences and fans from past five decades now and yes he is one of finest actors in our indian cinema who has several hit and blockbuster bollywood movies to his credits and in his recent interview, gushing about his daughter like a proud father, Shakti Kapoor on his daughter says Shraddha Kapoor is a big star.

In his recent interview, whilst in conversation about his journey to stardom and much more, apart from being a versatile star, Shakti Kapoor on his daughter says Shraddha Kapoor is a big star.

Specifically talking about both his children and more so Shakti Kapoor on his daughter said Shraddha Kapoor is a big star.

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Whilst talking to a leading publication, Shakti says, “I have seen this film industry for many years and I can say that this is the finest film industry. Log bahut negative bolte hai film industry ke baare mein. There are people always standing up for you. Yeh cheez baahar nahi aati, bas negative cheese baahar aati hai. But it is not like that. It is sad that only negative aspects of the film industry gets highlighted”.

Opening up on his entire journey in the bollywood film industry the 70 years old star said that he was successful in making a mark here in film industry as back then people were open to new actors and also he had good people around him since he didn’t really had any ‘any dada, chacha, mama to help him in Bollywood’.

He also shared about how the late Sunil Dutt trusted his capabilities and skills as a versatile star and gave him work. Not only that, but Shakti Kapoor also revealed that the late actor was the one who gave him the name Shakti. His birth name is Sunil.

Talking about both his children, Shakti said, “Shraddha is a big star, Siddhanth is on the way to making it big. I am very proud of my children. People praise my daughter and I feel so happy. She has been working in these Covid-19 times and even Siddhanth is keeping so busy. I feel blessed to have had this career and this personal life”.

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