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Salman Says Radhe’s Box-Office Collection Is Going To Be Zero

In a recently conducted media interaction off late, the global superstar and eternal Dabanng of Bollywood Salman says Radhe's box-office collection is going to be zero.

In a recent media interaction off late, the global bollywood superstar who is ruling on hearts of fans and audiences from past many years, Salman says Radhe’s box-office collection is going to be zero.

Speaking more about his much awaited masala actioner entertainer film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai and their decision to release it on OTT, Salman says Radhe’s box-office collection is going to be zero.

Opening up on details of why they all had to take a decision of releasing their film digitally on OTT instead of theatres due to second wave of COVID 19 pandemic in our country which isn’t going to lessen down anytime soon, Salman says Radhe’s box-office collection is going to be zero.

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Salman’s long delayed and much awaited movie Radhe is finally going to get released in this Eid 2021 which is 13th May digitally but because of the deadly second wave of COVID 19 in India, the film is going to release on OTT and DTH platforms instead of theatres even though the original plan was of releasing the movie n theatres after Salman received request from the owners but now even in this year the coronavirus pandemic has hit hard in our country which made the makers opt for an OTT release and now whilst Radhe’s film promotions, Salman has profusely also apologized to all the theatre owners in India.

Mentioning that Radhe’s box-office collections would be zero since its releasing in limited theatres globally as well, the eternal Bollywood’s Dabanng global superstar Salman Khan had been quoted saying, “I apologise to all the theatre owners that we are doing the film now and it is the right thing to do. The intention was that we release this film as soon as the pandemic gets over but it doesn’t seem to be so. So, the intention was to release in theatres as you would remember a few months back, it was on social media a request to release Radhe in theatres on Eid and we agreed to it. Because they thought that getting Radhe in theatres would get the crowds back and the theatres would come back in being functional but that did not happen. Now, this film is going to be released on OTT and theatres abroad in about 20-25 theatres. And, once the theatres open even after this OTT release, because there are still people who would want to watch it in theatres and some who don’t watch on OTT, we will do a release in India in theatres as well. Abroad, it is releasing. Not with the same number of prints that we usually released but it is being released abroad”.

However, Salman also ended up clearly mentioning that once the pandemic is over and it is safe for people to watch a movie in theatres, he would re-release Radhe for everyone in theatres.

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