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Saif Ali Khan’s Best Reaction To Jackie Shroff’s Dressing Style

Check out what Saif Ali Khan commented on Jackie Shroff's bindaas dressing style.

Jackie Shroff is probably the most Bindaas actor in the Bollywood industry. Hear him in interviews or just observe his personality from a distance and you’ll know what we are talking about.

Jackie Shroff has always been casual when it comes to dressing style. Moreover, he doesn’t need expensive designer suits or boots to make a stylish entry and grab eyeballs.

Commenting on his dressing style, actor Saif Ali Khan said during a recent media interaction, “Back in the day, Jackie Shroff influenced me. I just like the way he mixes things up, like scarfs with kurta and a sports jacket. It was a very definite and distinctive style and I don’t think I have seen anyone dressed like that.”

Talking further about comfortable dressing, he said, “The idea is to be comfortable but at the same time, express yourself in a slightly interesting way. I think we all try to tell the world who we are through what we are wearing and how conventional we are.”

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