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Saif Ali Khan Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of Award Shows

Saif Ali Khan has called out the hypocrisy of award shows and recalls the time when he was denied an award at the last moment.

Time and again, several Bollywood stars have come out to reveal how fake the award shows are! And this time, actor Saif Ali Khan has called out its hypocrisy. He told that he doesn’t believe in award shows and recalled the time when organisers took away the award that he was told he’d get, because someone else pressured them.

And he doesn’t criticize the award shows only because he was denied one at a certain point of time. Saif even pointed out that he didn’t deserve the National Award he received for his film Hum Tum. He said without any hesitation, “Yes, I was seen to be undeserving of the few awards that I received earlier in my career, including the National award for Hum Tum. But I think over the years I’ve proven myself to be more worthy of recognition.”

He continued to say, “To be honest, I don’t believe in them. Some years ago I was called for an awards function. When I got there someone higher up in the organization told me, ‘We wanted to give you the Best Actor award. But you know how it is. We’ll give you the award for Best Actor in a comic role.’”

Well, actors like Aamir Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Kangana Ranaut are a few to name who have boycotted the award shows.

Nawazuddin had once said in an interview, “The popular award shows have become very shallow. Sometimes, I feel that they should shut down.”

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