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Rohan Shankar, Writer Of Mimi Responds To Rumours Of Misinformation On Surrogacy

Writer Rohan Shankar finally responds to the rumors of misrepresenting the facts on surrogacy in the recently released film 'Mimi'.

Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi’s latest release ‘Mimi’ received an amazing response from the audience. Apart from a touching storyline, fans were awestruck with the stellar performance delivered by Kriti and Pankaj. However, a fertility doctor was quite disappointed by the film.

The doctor put up a video on social media alleging that the film spreads misinformation on surrogacy. “The movie is based on false information,” he said after watching Mimi’s trailer. The video went viral in no time.

And now, Rohan Shankar, the writer of Mimi has come forward and denied all these allegations. In an exclusive interview with us, he mentioned that the film has not endorsed any misinformation regarding surrogacy.

Rohan said, “The surrogacy bill under which commercial surrogacy was banned in India was passed in 2015. We have not done any kind of misrepresentation in the film. The film is set in 2013, it’s the time before the surrogacy bill was passed in India. In the initial scene, you see a surrogacy clinic where 10-15 surrogates are kept under one roof. So, before 2015, literally, there were ‘factories of surrogacy’. If you search on Google, you will find many videos from Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan where surrogates were kept together. Foreigners used to visit these ‘factories of surrogacy’, where they used to pick a girl to bear their child. These women used to stay there for 9 months, deliver the baby, take rest for 2 months and then again bear a child. This is how they used to earn. That’s exactly what we showed in the first scene of Mimi.”

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“What we have shown in Mimi, is based on a real case which was shown in the Marathi film ‘Mala Aai Vhhaychy!’ The maker of that film is a lawyer. If you google for once, you will find many cases of how foreign couples misused these young surrogates. So, I don’t think that we have misrepresented anything. We have shot the scenes in an IVF clinic of Jaipur with due consultation of the doctors. We even gave special thanks to those doctors in the credits of the film,” he further added.

Responding to the viral video of the IVF doctor, Rohan Shankar said, “Someone pointed out that the test for down syndrome is done at 4 or 5th month of the pregnancy and we have shown it in the 8th month. These allegations are completely false. If you watch the film, you will see that the test was done in the 5th month only. And that’s when the foreign couple flees. We later have a Godbharai seen in the 7th month. So, one must check the timeline of the story before putting such accusations. Someone also pointed out that how can a couple adopt a child so fast. If you listen to the dialogues, the actor says, ‘we are adopting the baby’, and not ‘we have adopted’.”

Concluding his side of the story, Rohan said, “We have made the whole film after discussing with the experts. But if someone wants to create an issue out of it, we can’t do anything. We have tried our best to show facts without any misrepresentation. It is up to the audience to watch the film, google the facts and then react.”

Well, seems like the criticism was done merely on the basis of the trailer. And here’s when we recall the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Have you seen Mimi yet? What do you think about it?

The film is available on Netflix and JioCinema.

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