Rishabh Sawhney Talks About Antagonist Role In “Fighter” Movie: I Watch ISIS Documentaries

Coach Rachit Singh made Rishabh watch ISIS documentaries and nothing else during his preparation for Azhar Akhtar in "Fighter".

Rishabh Sawhney, who had been working in the casting department for a long time, appeared on the screen as an antagonist in the film “Fighter” and has stolen the media limelight. He portrayed the negative character deftly and intensely in Siddharth Anand’s film. In an exclusive conversation with FPJ, he narrated his journey of portraying Azhar Akhtar in Fighter. 

After making “Pathaan”, director Siddharth Anand’s stature has increased to another level and now Fighter has put some extra to it. As Rishabh Sawhney himself was working as a casting director for 2 years, he was aware of Siddharth Anand’s impression in the industry. But he hasn’t worked with anyone of this stature. So getting Azhar’s role was like a ‘dream come true’ moment for him. 

He said that he was always fascinated by the negative characters as they have a larger-than-life touch in Bollywood. Rishabh had not done much work on screen and thus his face wasn’t known much to the audience. This is one of the reasons the director cast him for Azhar Akhtar’s role. He said that while preparing for the role, the director told him to imagine himself as a Thanos in the Marvel universe. That character needed hugeness and stature. Rishabh already came from a bodybuilding background, which helped him a lot. He had done an acting workshop with Coach Rachit Singh. Coach made him watch ISIS documentaries and nothing else. And he was asked to stay silent for a few days. 

Well, his efforts turned out to be good, and he gained a lot of recognition after the movie, “Fighter”. 

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