Raveena Tandon Reveals, “I Threw Up, And I Couldn’t Bear It – Yuck!” When Her Male Co-Star’s Lips Brushed Against Hers

Very Few People Knew That Raveena Had A Strict No-Kiss Policy In Films, And She Has Never Done A Liplock.

Raveena Tandon, known for her powerful performances in movies like “Shool” and “Gulam E Mustafa,” was one of the top actresses during her time. However, very few people knew that Raveena had a strict no-kiss policy in films, and she has never done a liplock in her career. During an exclusive interview with Lehren Retro, the actress opened up about the one time she felt extremely uncomfortable when a male actor accidentally kissed her and she threw up.

“Totally. I am not comfortable,” Raveena recalled. “I remember doing a scene; it was a little rough-handling kind of scene with a male actor. By mistake, his lips brushed against mine. It was a mistake; it was not even required in the script. So, in all that frenzy, it was a mistake, and I went to my room and threw up because I was so uncomfortable. The shot got over, and I went up and had nausea. I was never comfortable; I couldn’t bear it. Yuck! Oh, please brush your teeth, wash your mouth like that. If I am not comfortable doing something, I wouldn’t. He was playing a villain’s role. He was so apologetic, and I said it was a mistake,” she shared.

Though Raveena revealed that she is not comfortable with kiss scenes, she emphasized that her daughter would make her own decisions regarding such scenes.

“Again, it depends on her. If she is comfortable doing a scene with someone, then why not? And if she is not comfortable, then nobody should have the power to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do,” she concluded.

On the work front, Raveena will next be seen in “Patna Shukla,” which is produced by Arbaaz Khan, and she will also be a part of “Aranyak 2.”

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