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Randhir Kapoor Health: Occupying Hospital Bed Even When Not Needed?

Randhir Kapoor was admitted to Kokilaben hospital as soon as he tested positive for Covid-19.

Our country is currently witnessing a huge crisis in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The cases are multiplying and the healthcare system is collapsing. Oxygen isn’t easily available for critical patients, there’s a shortage of medicines in the market, and serious patients are not able to get beds in a hospital on time.

On the other hand, veteran Bollywood actor and filmmaker Randhir Kapoor was immediately admitted to a hospital in Mumbai when he tested positive for Covid-19. A day ago, he and his entire staff of five members tested positive. Randhir was immediately admitted to Kokilaben hospital. However, he himself confirmed that his health is stable.

Randhir said, “I felt some shivering and decided that it is better to be safe, hence I underwent the test. But overall I am in no discomfort. I have no major problem. I am not breathless and did not need an ICU or oxygen support either. I had a bit of fever but that is gone now.”  He also told that he has already received two doses of the Covid vaccine. 

This surely makes a common man furious. A man who paid his taxes on time is unable to get a hospital bed and proper treatment even when he is gasping for breath and is in a critical situation.

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