Raj Kundra Opens Up About Shilpa Shetty’s Reaction To His Acting Debut In UT69

The director provided Shilpa with a concise overview of the film, helping her realize that it wasn't about a case against the system

In a recent revelation with News 18, Raj Kundra has shed light on his wife, actor Shilpa Shetty’s initial apprehensions and eventual support for his acting debut in the film “UT69.” Raj Kundra, who had faced a turbulent period due to legal issues before his acting career, shared how Shilpa’s reaction was less than enthusiastic at first.

Raj humorously recalled the moment he broke the news to Shilpa, saying, “She (Shilpa) was a few feet away from me when I decided to tell her that I am making a film. I didn’t want to go too close to her.” He went on to explain that he presented the script and awaited her response, but her reaction was unexpected. “When I turned away from her, a flying chappal came at my face. I think she thought that the idea was a little dicey at first. Maybe she thought that the film wouldn’t get made,” he added with a laugh.

However, Raj Kundra managed to convince his wife after a narration by the film’s director, Shahnawaz Ali. The director provided Shilpa with a concise overview of the film, helping her realize that it wasn’t about a case against the system but a deeply human story. “She was very supportive. She asked me, ‘Tu acting kar lega (will you be able to act)?’ I told her that I will be able to since I have done some method acting by going to jail,” Raj shared.

As the trailer for “UT69” was recently released, it provides a glimpse into Raj’s role as he narrates his experiences during his time in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail. Raj Kundra had faced legal troubles related to an alleged pornography case in 2021, which created a significant controversy. The film’s trailer begins with ‘breaking news’ about Raj’s infamous arrest.

After spending approximately two months in jail, Raj Kundra was granted bail in September 2021. He had been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Indecent Representation of Women (Prevention) Act, and the Information Technology Act.

Despite the initial hesitation, it appears that Shilpa Shetty is proud and supportive of her husband’s new venture in the world of acting, marking a new chapter in Raj Kundra’s life.

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