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Parineeti Chopra Shares Her Opinion On Zomato Controversy

Here's what Parineeti Chopra thinks about the entire Zomato controversy.

The recent Zomato controversy has put everyone in deep thoughts. Recently, a Bengaluru woman posted a video on Instagram accusing a Zomato delivery guy of assaulting her which left her nose bleeding. The Internet came together to support the woman and even Zomato took immediate action and suspended him, along with bearing the medical bills of the woman.

Later, the delivery man came forward, denied all accusations and said that it was the woman who hit him with chappals and she accidentally hit herself with her ring.

People are finding it hard as to whom to support and whose version is true. Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra took to Twitter to speak on the controversy and expressed her opinion. She wrote, “Zomato India – PLEASE find and publicly report the truth.. If the gentleman is innocent (and I believe he is), PLEASE help us penalise the woman in question. This is inhuman, shameful and heartbreaking .. Please let me know how I can help..”

The actress is being appreciated for raising her voice in the matter. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about this entire case!

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