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Lucky Ali’s O Sanam Performance In Goa Leaves Fans Mesmerized

Best known for his songs Ek Pal Ka Jeena (Kaho Na Pyar Hai, 2000), and O Sanam (Sunoh 1996), Legendary ace singer Lucky Ali's O Sanam performance in Goa leaves fans mesmerized.

Undoubtedly, it was Lucky Ali’s song O Sanam from debut album Sunoh (1996), which broke all the records making the song a classic and timeless cult favorite today where this song spreads its magic amongst people from all age groups even now. The most amazing news in this trend is that Lucky Ali’s O Sanam performance in Goa leaves fans mesmerized.

All the kids of the 90’s would remember and reminiscence Lucky Ali’s glorious and mellifluous era where his songs still rule our hearts not only pan India but also across the globe. His songs still dominate every youth and 90’s generation person’s mind because of the relevance and freshness it still generates no matter what. Lucky Ali’s songs awake an adorable feeling of nostalgia with his cult songs like O Sanam, Gori Teri Aankhen, Aa Bhi Jaa that are forever engrained in our hearts. This is the most exciting scoop of the day for the legendary versatile singer’s ardent fans across the globe, that Lucky Ali’s O Sanam performance in Goa leaves fans mesmerized.

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Lucky Ali gave the sweetest surprise to his fans with an impromptu and unplanned O Sanam song performance in Goa which has left all his fans in awe. Even veteran actress Nafisa Ali Sodhi took the video and shared it on her twitter account and yes Lucky Ali has won the hearts of fans and audiences again as only a few weeks ago back in November, Lucky’s YouTube video singing O Sanam went viral on social media which was posted and retweeted by all his fans across the globe and now this new video of Lucky singing O Sanam in an impromptu performance at Arambol for an intimate gathering in North Goa has gone viral again.

Nafisa Ali Sodhi took to her twitter handle and wrote that after being requested to sing the song, Lucky ended up doing an impromptu jam session performance of O Sanam thereby treating his fans with his magical voice. Her caption for the video tweet post read, “Lucky Ali at Arambol in North Goa after listening to the musical evening was requested for a song and he sang impromptu for all present . Was a lovely setting”.

In the video, we can see that the 62 year old iconic singer Lucky Ali is seen dressed in casuals, gently strumming the guitar and mellifluously crooning the sing whilst the crowd of his fans can be seen cheering and lauding him.

After this video got viral and trending, the fans started commenting on the same and shared it too where in one social media user wrote, “O Lucky, how wonderfully you sing. Straight from the heart”. Whereas, another one praising the singer endlessly, wrote, “The audience is so lucky that they got to witness such an intimate performance”.

Source: Nafisa Ali Sodhi Twitter. the veteran Bollywood actress posted the video which went viral once again.

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