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Netizens Laud Lucky Ali’s Youtube Viral Rendition of O Sanam On Twitter

Best known for his songs Ek Pal Ka Jeena (Kaho Na Pyar Hai, 2000), and O Sanam (Sunoh 1996), Legendary ace singer Lucky Ali's Youtube viral rendition of O Sanam on Twitter is getting lauded by the netizens.

Lucky Ali is an ageless and timeless iconic singer who has a special and integral place in every 90’s kid’s heart who have grown up listening to his songs. He is best known for his original songs O Sanam (1996), Gori Teri Aankhen (2001), Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai (2004), Hairat (Anjana Anjani 2010), Safarnama (Tamasha, 2015) and so on. But his song O Sanam from debut album Sunoh (1996), broke all the records making the song a classic and timeless cult favorite today where this song spreads its magic amongst people from all age groups even now. The most amazing news in this trend is that Netizens laud Lucky Ali’s Youtube viral rendition of O Sanam on twitter.

All the kids of the 90’s would remember and reminiscence Lucky Ali’s glorious and mellifluous era where his songs still rule our hearts not only pan India but also across the globe. His songs still dominate every youth and 90’s generation person’s mind because of the relevance and freshness it still generates no matter what. Lucky Ali’s songs awake an adorable feeling of nostalgia with his cult songs like O Sanam, Gori Teri Aankhen, Aa Bhi Jaa that are forever engrained in our hearts. This is a very exciting news for the legendary’s versatile singer’s ardent fans across the globe, as Netizens laud Lucky Ali’s Youtube viral rendition of O Sanam on twitter.

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In the viral YouTube video, Lucky Ali is seen strumming the guitar in a black and white monochromatic music video along with crooning and humming O Sanam in the video. This video has gone viral and trending on Twitter breaking its records and the fans can’t keep their calm after watching the video as they are gushing and going happy with joy that the Lucky Ali era is back in November 2020.

On Twitter, a netizen shared the video and wrote, “I don’t know how Indi pop died… but I have always loved each and every song of Lucky Ali…. the lyrics, the melody, the underlying thoughts… all of it.”

Another social media user wrote, “His music is love. Makes me nostalgic and also sad to see how he has aged, i feel so old now. I hope there is no scam or heartbreak related to Lucky Ali now. His music is one of the most beautiful music i ever heard”.

Lets see some of the most interesting fan tweets for the legendary cult ace singer –

Source: Roshan Mishra Twitter. He has praised his favorite singer Lucky Ali after his O Sanam viral YouTube video fondly remembering the timeless music.
Source: Nikita Agarwal Twitter. She hails Lucky Ali as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).
Source: Sameer Jain Twitter. He has praised the legendary iconic singer by revealing that his music is still as fresh as it was all those years ago and that weekends are beginning in winters only with his music.
Source: Tanmay Tamhane Twitter. He has hailed the music of 90’s by bashing today’s music as utter crap.

Indeed, this is true that Lucky Ali’s music made the 90’s era very special and is still there in the hearts of avid music aficionados even today.

Last Lucky Ali grabbed the limelight and attention was when his ex wife Elizabeth Hallam had spilled the beans about their marriage in an interview with a leading Indian entertainment tabloid, where she said, “Maqsood did his best as a man who was married for the third time and took on the responsibility of a third family. However, for a woman, it is hard when you get divided attention; that can be quite something to get used to and live with. My parents have been married for 50 years now, and are traditional in their beliefs. I guess, over the years, I grew to want that for myself — a man who is not divided between three families, but a man who is focused on one family”.

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