Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Kiran Rao is insecure about Aamir Khan & Fatima’s ‘Thaggi’, Check out what she has to say!

    It came as a storm when people came to know about Aamir Khan casting Fatima Sana Shaikh. However, this is what his wife Kiran Rao has to say about it


    Recently in a press meet, Kiran Rao in a lieu to justify Fatima said “We don’t deal with casting. Aamir, Adi and Victor decided the casting so they must have given it a good thought because it’s a big film. There has to be merit or else they wouldn’t take a risk with such a big film,” Our question here to Kiran Rao is why do you have to justify Fatima Sana Shaikh? Why do you have to come out and explain her stand? What makes you do so? Maybe it wasn’t Aamir Khan who recommended her, but even if it is so, why do you need to come out in open and talk about it? Is it the insecurities because of the rumors doing rounds? Well, all this can be answered only by her.

    Moreover, even when you go back to her statement, you will very easily realise that the first line itself is very contradictory with the second line. While initially Kiran is seen saying that ‘we’ are not involved in the casting, in the very next line she is also seen declaring of how ‘Aamir, Adi and Victor’ are the ones who do casting. So who does the ‘we’ refer to over here dear Kiran? Maybe you need to stop lying to yourself and at least if nothing, then get answers for yourself! Especially in a condition when you yourself are not clear of the entire situation.

    Not to forget the rumours of Adi wanting to cast Vaani Kapoor in ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’ were doing rife! It was also being said that it was Aamir Khan who suggested Fatima Sana Shaikh’s name and made sure she was bought on board. So which of this is true, or which of this shall we agree to? Please tell us, Kiran Rao!

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