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Kangana Ranaut Reveals How We Can ‘Save’ Bollywood!

The actress, who was last seen in "Dhaakad', revealed ways to save the Indian film industry from being destroyed. Read to know more!

After taking a jibe at almost everyone and everything, Kangana now has been giving out ‘tips’ to save the Indian film industry, for a change. The actress, who has been occupied lately with the promotions of her latest film ‘Dhaakad’ was seen talking about the making of the film, and in the course, disclosed how we can save Bollywood from being taken over by the western media.

She said, “It’s high time that we come together and save our screens rather than let Hollywood take over, like what happened with the German and French film industries. We need to save our industry, and for that, we need to come together as one force.”

Further taking a sly jibe at the current ‘Bollywood v/s Films from South’ controversy, she revealed how we should work united, instead of differentiating on the basis of regional languages. She said, “I had said this long ago, that we should bring India together with our movies. While growing up, I didn’t know much about people from the South and their culture, but today, when we see their films, we get to know so much about them — what they eat, what they wear. Movies expose us to that. I was more exposed to American culture through their movies, South Indian films or, say films from the North East. Cinema only brings us together.”

Although Kangana’s recent work, ‘Dhaakad’ is an action thriller film, she shared how she’s not a big fan of the ‘action/thriller’ genre. “I like action films, but the kind of grounded and raw action that you see in Dhaakad. The superhero kind of films and that kind of action is not my zone. I think Charlize Theron is somebody who looks tough and looks good doing action. You need that physicality, and you need to look convincing, and she pulls it off really well. Baaki toh thoda modelling type ho jaata hai,” she said.

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She further shared how the makers of the film, Razneesh Ghai, made her do the film. “Razy was sitting in front of me and telling me about this role and I was thinking about those days when I wanted it so badly. And there I was, as far as I could have been from this character (Agent Agni). When he approached me, I was shooting for Thalaivii, and mentally and physically, I was in different mind space. I was wondering whether I would be able to pull off all those looks, miniskirts and firing guns? It was not just the weight, there was a lot more resistance I had as a person. So, when I met him, in my mind, I was sure that I wouldn’t do it, but he didn’t give up on me. These different looks were a part of it, and my major concern was to be able to pull it off convincingly.” she said.

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