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Kangana Indirectly Warns The Tourists From Polluting Himachal Pradesh

Reigning Queen of B Town Kangana indirectly warns the tourists from polluting Himachal Pradesh through her tweets.

Kangana is not a person who minces her words and also has never been the one to sugar coat things, because of which she is touted as one of Bollywood’s most fearless and bold actresses in today’s times and being true to her nature yet again the B Town diva Kangana indirectly warns the tourists from polluting Himachal Pradesh.

This is not a shocking news flash update as she is just staying honest to her personality and her fans across the globe absolutely love and adore their favorite Queen’s frank and outspoken behaviour which is why she many fans and also a set of trolls but never the less, she takes it sportingly in her stride each time and gives it back to them in her own way and once again we the fans, Netizens, viewers and audiences can see her bold streak of being vocal when Kangana indirectly warns the tourists from polluting Himachal Pradesh.

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Kangana took to her official twitter handle and recently uploaded a beautifully idyllic picture of the quaint yet pleasant Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh and with that picture she wrote a tweet that clearly indicated a strict warning to the spoilt brats and tourists to not pollute Himachal Pradesh by making it a plastic garbage dumpster.

Indirectly taking a dig at the tourist and spoilt brats, she wrote a tweet which read, “Come to Himachal Pardesh but don’t throw plastic around especially single used plastic like empty bottles and chips packets, this beautiful valley can be turned in to a big dumpster just in one day if couple of insensitive, ill mannered city brats reach there. Please don’t”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She wrote this tweet, thereby warning the tourists and spoilt brats to never pollute Himachal Pradesh.

In the same series of tweets highlighting the beauty of Himachal Pradesh, Kangana also wrote another tweet which read, “Himachal has become a new favourite for film shoots as well, initially when I told people I am from Himachal people didn’t know much about it they judged me for coming from a remote village, commercially it’s a good development, let’s make it ecologically beneficial as well”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She highlighted the beauty of Himachal Pradesh in her tweet

Meanwhile on the work front, Kangana has recently wrapped up the entire film shoot of Thalaivi which is a biopic based on the life of late politician and actress J Jayalalithaa and returned to her home town Manali in Himachal Pradesh where she has shifted as of now. She keeps her fans entertained by posting many pictures of her and her family.

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