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Indian Pop Songs That You Miss The Most From 90s

Here are some Indian Pop Songs from the 90s that we really miss today.

As kids in the 90s our favorite thing to watch on television other than cartoon were some Music channel and various genres of songs on it. Of all the music some pop music songs won a permanent place in our heart and will stay there. We never would know how the time passed while listening to the songs. 

In today’s world of music either some unusual music on remade music is trending while what we actually want is some originality. This is why we miss our childhood days and the music in those days. We really miss the songs we loved to hear every day. This article has a list of some of such songs from the 90’s decade.

1) Pari Hoon Main

The song is from the album ‘Dhuan’ which was released in 1991. This song by Suneeta Rao won a lot of hearts and also became very popular among the masses. 

2) Maine Payal Hai Chankai

This is one of the earlier songs of Falguni Pathak. The by just reading the lyrics the song starts ringing in our minds as we really danced our hearts out on this song.

3) Gud Naal Ishq Mitha

Gud Naal Ishq Mitha has been the ideal wedding song for over two decades since its release in the 90s. This video song was one of the first times we saw Malaika Arora’s dance.

Take a look at this Indian Pop Songs from the 90’s that we miss today.

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