“I Suddenly Lost My Father” – Ranjeet’s Emotional Chat With Bharathi S Pradhan

Veteran actor Ranjeet, known for playing villainous roles in Bollywood films, gets emotional as he talks about his father's sudden death and how he kept shooting while grieving the loss.

Life of actors isn’t all glamour and luxury. There are years of hardwork and countless sleepless nights that make them the stars they are! Veteran actor Ranjeet, known as the ruthless villain of Bollywood, worked day and night to make a mark in the industry. He was so committed to his work that he once shot for a film while grieving his father’s death.

During an emotional chat with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, Ranjeet said, “I lost my father suddenly. We were playing darts, he had his dinner and I was making my schedule. He was in Mumbai with me. I managed to call him here. I had sold his house without his permission. I did the deal because otherwise they were not coming. And one evening, I just lost him within two hours. We were together, we had dinner. Then I went downstairs with my unit, discussing the schedule. I just went up get something. He was feeling gas problem, so I saw him having jal-jeera or something. Meanwhile, I called our family doctor and he checked his pulse. We took him to the hospital. Cutting short, after two hours, he was not there. Being a heart patient, he never wanted to live with any help. He was healthy looking otherwise.”

“I had to go to Hyderabad for my schedule. I never knew that I was gonna lose my father like this. I was full of energy but when I realized that my father is no more, I felt like a dry leaf. I was totally drained out. My father was never accused of anything. So, I didn’t want him to be indirectly accused by makers of the film that they suffered loss due to his death. So, I took a flight to Hyderabad at 6 in the morning. I was shooting a film with Shatrughan Sinha, Sridevi and Sunil Dutt. I used to howl in the make-up room and then I used to have chilled soda to wash my face. And then they used to knock at my door saying the shot is ready. I went and gave those villainous shots. In the evening, I came back to Mumbai. My relatives, who had come to Bombay from North, thought that I must have gone to some lawyer for will-related matter as I have two brothers and a younger sister. But I was happy that I finished my work. They later used my duplicate”, he added.

Ranjeet also mentioned that he once had 80 films on the floor at the same time. He was so packed that he used to sleep and eat in his car and barely got time to come back home.

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