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Here’s What Iulia Vantur Has To Say About Her Marriage Plans With Salman Khan; Find Out

Iulia Vantur has finally spilled the beans on her marriage plans with Salman Khan. Read below to know what she has to say.

It’s been a long time that the rumors of Iulia Vantur dating Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan are floating around in the B-town. Salman Khan has never openly spoken about his relationship with Iulia but everyone is speculating that something is cooking between the two. Amid the nationwide lockdown because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Iulia has been spending time with Salman Khan at his farmhouse in Panvel. They are accompanied by Jacqueline Fernandez and Arpita Khan along with her two kids and husband Ayush Sharma.

Salman Khan’s fans have always been eager about when will their favorite star get married and this question has been troubling them for a very long time. However, recently during an online interaction Iulia opened up on the topic of marriage when a fan asked her to marry Salman Khan.

The fan wrote, “Ma’am aap Salman Sir se Shadi Karlo. (Please get married to Salman Sir.)” Hearing the question, Iulia lowered her gaze and blushed and mentioned that she keeps getting the same question from everyone all the time.

Answering the eager fan’s question Iulia confessed how her mother also kept her asking about her marriage and she responded to it. The Romanian model said,  “I think it is more about how people feel about each other. Spending time together is more important than any other stuff. At one point I was asked the same question on and on and on. Even my parents were asking when you are going to get married.” To this, she mentioned that she simply asked her mom if she wanted her to be happy or get married. 

She further added, “So, I asked my mom, ‘Do you want me to be happy?’ or ‘Do you want me to get married?’ because to get married just like that I can get married to anyone just like that tomorrow. But you want me to be married or be happy. So that was the last time she ever asked me about it. So I think it is more important to be happy with someone and spend quality time with someone and to have a good connection with someone.” 

During the interaction Iulia praised Salman Khan for his workaholic nature and helping mind.

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