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Govinda Recalls When He Had Serious Illnesses At The Age Of 13, Suffered Epilepsy

During an event at a hospital, actor Govinda recalled that he had serious illnesses during his childhood. He also mentioned that he was a patient of epilepsy.

Versatile actor and dancer Govinda started his acting career when he was 23. His first film was ‘Ilzaam’ which was released in 1986. Over the years, he delivered many blockbuster films. However, recently, he revealed that he had a difficult childhood.

Govinda recently attended the inaugural ceremony of the daycare Chemotherapy centre at Surya hospital in Mumbai. While addressing the staff and media, Govinda recalled that he had some serious illnesses when he was a child.

He said, “I had no capabilities to become the star I am today. I had many illnesses and was in immense pain. When I was 13, my bones were not strong. I had to regularly visit the doctor. I was also a patient of epilepsy. I couldn’t go out alone as I would faint anywhere. I was not able to stand at heights.”

He further added, “When you are sick, your near ones support you for some time. But eventually, they get tired. And then, they leave your side. I used to ask the doctor that if I would ever be able to beat these illnesses. And he used to assure me that I would be fine one day.”

Govinda further told that his mother then showed him the path of spirituality. He told, “My mother suggested me to do Gayatri Jaap 24 lakh times from the age of 14 to 21. And I did that. And trust me, I was able to beat those diseases.”

He said, “The illnesses I get now are nothing in front of what I used to have. They barely give me any pain.”

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