Diljit Lashes Out At Kangana, Tweets Which Authority Are You !

This nasty and ugly social media war of words between Diljit and Kangana isn't simmering down but on the contrary, both of them are seen taking digs at each other where this time around Diljit lashes out at Kangana, says Eh Kithey Di Authority aa !

Looks like the Diljit Kangana social media war of words is not ready to get over so soon because as a response to Kangana’s recent tweet, Diljit lashes out at Kangana, says which authority are you !

The ugliest and nastiest mudslinging war between Diljit and Kangana in the midst of the ongoing farmers protest that are happening in Delhi has only taken a much intense turn now where as a befitting reply to Kangana’s recent “disappeared after provoking farmers” tweet, Diljit lashes out at Kangana, tweets which authority are you !

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Diljit has come back in form once again after silence on his part where he has given a perfect befitting and stern reply to Kangana who apparently questioned both Diljit and Priyanka for disappearing after provoking the farmers, he said ‘Have some shame’.

This war which started few weeks back, when Diljit slammed and brutally criticized Kangana for using insensitive and hurtful words in her now deleted controversial  tweet wherein she misidentified a female protestor in the farmers protest and now this afternoon itself Kangana has stirred up the controversy yet again wherein she took pot-shots at both Diljit and Priyanka where Kangana wrote that both of them just disappeared after provoking the farmers and on this , Diljit lashes out at Kangana, tweets which authority are you !

Diljit giving his reaction to her tweet also claimed Kangana to have some shame before labelling farmers as anti-national.

Before this Kangana had tweeted, “मैं चाहती हूँ कि @diljitdosanjh और @priyankachopra जी जो किसानों केलिये लोकल क्रांतिकारियों की भूमिका में दिखे कम से कम एक विडीओ की माध्यम से किसानों को ये तो बताएँ की उनको विरोध किस बात का करना है,दोनों किसानों को भड़काकर ग़ायब हो गए हैं, और देखो किसानों की और देश की ये हालत है। (I want @diljitdosanjh and @priyankachopra ji who are seen in the role of local warriors for farmers nowadays that they should make  at least one video to tell the farmers what to protest, both have disappeared by inciting the farmers, And look at this situation of farmers and the country)”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. she has written this tweet taking sly digs at both Priyanka and Diljit.

Post Kangana’s tweet, Diljit posted this hilarious tweet as an indirect slap to her where Diljit wrote, “Disappeared Wala Tan Bulekha Hee Kadh Deo.. Naley Kon Desh Premi Te Kon Desh Virodhi Eh Decide Karn Da Hakk Ehnu Kiney De Ta ? Eh Kithey Di Authority aa ? Farmers Nu Desh Virodhi Kehn ton Paihlan Sharm Kar Lao Koi Maadi Moti.. (Remove the doubt of being disappeared. Who has given you the right to decide who’s national and who’ anti-national? Which authority are you? Have some shame before you call farmers anti-national.)”

Source: Diljit Dosanjh Twitter. He has given a befitting reply to Kangana’s tweet.

But like always, the quintessential fashionista of B Town doesn’t really stop here, as just now few minutes back post Diljit’s humorous yet strong tweet as his answer to her, Kangana has again written a response tweet to it which reads, “@diljitdosanjh ji I am simply asking what exactly you don’t like about the #FarmBills2020 ? For example I like the fact that now farmers can sell their produce any where in the country, just how you can earn money anywhere in the country, I also like the fact they can (cont)”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She has written a reply on Diljit’s tweet which backfires on her again.

Another response tweet has been written by the style diva Kangana which is a continuation of her previous tweet and this one reads, “Choose to skip the middle man and sell their products directly to corporates or consumers, everyone feels these are revolutionary steps taken by the government to help miserable condition of farmers in India,then why are you provoking protests?Please help me understand your POV”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She has again written a response tweet in continuation with her previous one.

Now we have to wait and see what will Diljit’s reply to this be ? What is your take on the Diljit Kangana ongoing social media war. Do let us know in the comments below.