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Check Kangana Ranaut’s Post On Afghanistan That Got Her Insta Account Hacked

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut told her fans that her Instagram account was hacked after she spoke on the Afghanistan issue.

In the last few days, the entire world has been closely witnessing the change of power in Afghanistan. As the US withdrew its troops, the President flew away and the Taliban took over the country, the future of the common citizen is in jeopardy. While the global leaders have maintained a weird silence on the matter, people from around the world have called it a humanitarian crisis and are raising their voices.
Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has also been actively sharing her views on the entire issue.

Recently, she took to her Instagram account and wrote, “Conflict between Talibanis and Afghanistanis is decades old, one has to be delusional not to see after China unleashed Corona on to the world, took over America politics, suddenly Talibani apes with their world class weapons and most superior technology and massive white washing media campaigns have taken over Afghanistan while America gets out of the picture conveniently. Also, Pakistan is applauding this move. So, clearly now our neighbors are Talibanis, not Pakistanis. Also, China has helped Talibanis after putting Uyghurs Muslims in concentration camps, banning Quran in China and forcefully selling their organs. Welcome to the world of communists.”

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Kangana Ranaut Instagram Post:

Shortly after her post, she told her fans that her Instagram account was hacked. As she spoke on the Taliban and China, Kangana hinted that the hacking of her Instagram account is not a coincidence but a big international conspiracy. Kangana wrote, “Last night I got Instagram alert as someone tried to hack my account in China, the alert disappeared suddenly, and this morning all my stories about Talibanis has disappeared. My account was disabled. After calling Instagram people I could access it, but as I try to write I am getting logged out of my account again and again. Took my sister’s phone to do this story, as she has my account opened on her phone as well. This is a very big international conspiracy… Unbelievable.”

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