BTS Army Slammed Badshah For Insulting The Band, Called Them “Pretty Woman” 

Recently, BTS ARMY left angry because they feel Bollywood singer Badshah insulted the K-pop band members in his new song.

BTS Army And Badshah: The extremely popular Korean boy band known as Bangtan Boys, led by Jimin, V, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook, has immunse fans all over the globe called as ARMY. The Boy band doesn’t pay much attention to their haters because their army is enough. Recently, their anger has risen because they feel Bollywood singer Badshah insulted the K-pop band members in his new song. Scroll down to read the entire story:

Fans of the band were furious after hearing the lyrics of rappers new song Issa Vibe from Shahid Kapoor’s film Bloody Daddy. In the lyrics, the singer can be heard saying, “Haaye Ni Tere Nakhre, Yeh Such Diva, Tujhe Handle Nahi Kar Sakta, Koyi Mere Siva | Playlist Bad Bunny, BTS Biba, Har Raat Beer Peeni Hai Tujhe Kiba.’ The word ‘biba.” As per the Indian BTS  fans, means ‘pretty woman,’ has irked the ARMY, and then they started trolling him on social media.

Angry fans lashed out at Badshah, while others commented, We don’t care that these singers take the opportunity to pull down others who are famous.

One fan wrote, “I really can’t imagine some Bollywood artists use BTS for popularity really I am shocked…”

The second user wrote, “In logo ko hamare bangtan sonyeondan ke struggles ki koi value hi nhi he kyu ki un logo ne koi struggle kiya hi nhi life me i always support and believe in BTS.”

The third user wrote, “If a artist can’t respect another artist. They don’t deserve love and respect. And yes mny indian hate BTS soo what?? If you’ll ask them any one correct reason to hate BTS they’ll be speechless . Army don’t disrespect badshah and low your standard because BTS haven’t taught us to disrespect anyone.”

The fourth user wrote, “Now he wants to lose his popularity.and then after some time he gonna say sorry sorry I hate these type of people I purple you BTS.”

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