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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Anupam Thanks Outlander Stars For Sweet Message To Kirron Kher

Renowned and exemplary Bollywood star Anupam Kher in his recent twitter tweet thanked Outlander stars for their sweet message to Kirron Kher.


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It was only recently two weeks ago that nuanced and exemplary Bollywood star Anupam Kher took to his social media for informing about how his wife actress – politician Kirron Kher has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma which is a type of blood cancer and currently is undergoing treatment for same where she is being looked after by a phenomenal set of doctors and then almost entire B town fraternity posted speedy recovery messages for Kirron Kher and amidst all of this now, Anupam thanks Outlander stars for sweet message to Kirron Kher.

Amidst all the recovery and get well soon messages that came in on social media, even the Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were amongst the ones who enquired about Kirron Kher’s health and now returning the gesture, Anupam thanks Outlander stars for sweet message to Kirron Kher.

Not only did they enquire about wellbeing of Kirron Kher but also sent her their sweetly written caring messages as well and feeling elated by the same, Anupam thanks Outlander stars for sweet message to Kirron Kher.

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Taking to his official social media handle, Anupam Kher thanked Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe for showing their concern and care towards wife Kirron Kher and also mentioned in his tweet about how much Kirron loves their show Outlander and is really touched by their thoughtful gesture as well. Thanking both these stars in his tweet, he wrote, “Thank you @caitrionambalfe and @SamHeughan for your wonderful & caring message for @KirronKherBJP. She is a great admirer of both of you and your show @Outlander_STARZ. She is deeply touched by your thoughtful gesture. And so am I. Looking forward to #Season6. Stay safe”.

Source: Anupam Kher twitter. he genuinely thanked both Caitriona M Balfe and Sam Heughan for their warm and caring recovery message for his wife Kirron Kher.

Sam Heughan even extended an invite to Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher asking them both to visit their sets and also told about how much he would love to show them around and sharing the same, he wrote, “Sending much love and wishes. If you both want to visit set one day, let me know, love to show you both around”.

Source: Sam Heughan twitter. He wrote this tweet and also mentioned of showing them both around the Outlander sets someday.

In response to Sam’s tweet, Anupam Kher responding that both him and his wife Kirron would love visiting their Outlander sets when Kirron feels a bit healthier and mentioning the same he wrote, “Thank you so much for your generosity @SamHeughan!! When #Kirron is feeling healthier and the world is a good place to travel freely we both will take that offer and visit the sets of @Outlander_STARZ! Keep up the great work my friend!”.

Source: Anupam Kher twitter. He thanked the Outlander series star Sam Heughan for his warm and welcoming tweet for them both.


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