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Anupam Kher Visits AIR Shimla 47 Years After He Was Fired From His Job

Anupam Kher was fired from his job at AIR Shimla in 1974 for goofing up while making an announcement. 47 years later, he visits again to correct his mistake.

Anupam Kher began his Bollywood career in 1982 and achieved huge success. But his journey was never easy. Before coming to Mumbai to fulfill his acting dreams, he tried to find jobs in his hometown Shimla. In 1974, he was selected as the casual announcer at AIR Shimla but messed up on his first day at the job and was eventually fired.

But now, when he has achieved huge success internationally, he paid a surprise visit to the All India Radio office in Shimla and rectified the mistake he did on his first day at the job. Anupam Kher called it a ‘dream come true after 47 years.’

Sharing the video of his visit, he wrote in the caption, “In 1974 I was selected as the casual announcer at AIR Shimla. But I messed it up in my 1st ever announcement. Hence was thrown out of my 1st job. It stayed with me. So on my this trip I decided to rectify my failure and surprised the staff of AIR, Shimla by landing up there and i insisted to go on air live. They were kind. And I succeeded. Here is a recording for you to enjoy!!”

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