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Ankur Bhatia: Deserving Actors Are Getting Content Backed Films

In his recent interview with us, the dapper and bonafide star in the making, Ankur Bhatia says deserving actors are getting content backed films.

Best known for his outstanding performances in films like Zanjeer (2013), Sarbjit (2016), Haseena Parkar (2017) and then also made us love his acting chops in hit digital webseries like Aarya (Disney Hotstar, 2020) and Crackdown (Voot, 2020), in his recent exclusive interview with us, Ankur Bhatia says deserving actors are getting content backed films.

Speaking about the boom in OTT and digital webspace from past few years and much more, in his latest conversational interview, film actor Ankur Bhatia says deserving actors are getting content backed films.

Sharing more details about the actors finally getting good content backed films and series now, in his latest interview with us, actor Ankur Bhatia says deserving actors are getting content backed films.

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Sharing in detail about deserving actors finally getting good content backed films and series where they are getting recognition and fame as an actor, Ankur said, “I definitely feel that lot of deserving actors are getting good content backed films and roles which is also happening because of boom in OTT content which OTT platforms are providing as there is so much happening and so many things which are being created content wise which gives ample opportunities to great actors, crew members, technicians and so on. There are so many projects being made just not limited to films. As compared to films, in a webseries or web show there are many primary characters where each character has a graph and a lot to do versus films where the top 2, 3 or 4 people are only main characters that lead the entire story and that’s where it ends. I definitely think that this is a really great time for actors especially since a lot of people are getting their dues and if you take my example, I’ve done films like Zanjeer, in Sarbjit I played Aishwarya Rai’s husband, in Haseena Parkar I played Shraddha Kapoor’s husband which didn’t fare well at the box office with Shraddha where my part was really appreciated but I never got recognized for my talent and I felt like it kind of went unnoticed”.

Continuing on same point, he said, “With Aarya, that came to life. Similar thing happened with Crackdown on Voot Select which was directed by Apoorva Lakhia where I have a guest appearance kind of character in show but still it was such a strong part that every review had mentioned it and I got what I deserved with Aarya and Crackdown. I am really thankful for this new way of OTT content being made and it’s a great time to be an actor”.

When asked about how did Aarya happened to him, Ankur said, “I was in America when Abhimanyu Ray the casting director of Aarya approached me and he said that he wants me to read for a part, and I had kind of taken a break and was thinking of taking up any projects as I had certain things lined up in New York so I told him that I am not really that kid but he said no atleast give it a shot and I gave the test, then he got back saying that he really liked it and wouldn’t want me to make some changes and still I was kind of a bit hesitant of like you know I wouldn’t want to since it was a really big star where I was getting to play her brother  and I had already done these kind of roles in films like Sarbjit and Haseena Parkar playing husband to them so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that or not but then I tested for it, they gave me the script, I read it and it was really interesting to me as an actor”.

He also told, “At that time I had no idea that it had Sushmita Sen in it but I knew that Ram Madhwani is directing it and I had seen Neerja, so I am a big fan. Sandeep Modi has been a renowned film maker and Vinod Rawat had been an acting coach so I knew that people attached to the project are exceptional and amazing. I took a shot and decided that I will do this part. I came to India for workshops and also finished them within 7 days or something and then we just started. I never thought that Aarya would become such a big turning point in my career and it did. I am thankful to entire team of Aarya since its not just my effort but an collaborative effort and everybody helped each other to make it this big”.

Concluding the interview by spilling the beans about his top four shows that he watched in quarantine and also enjoyed watching them, Ankur signed off by saying, “Top four shows that I watched in lockdown and really enjoyed watching them were Panchayat, Paatal Lok, Family Man and Ozark”.

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