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Ankur Bhatia: I Had Great Time Working With Sushmita In Aarya

In his recent interview with us, the dapper and bonafide star in the making, Ankur Bhatia says I had great time working with Sushmita in Aarya.

Best known for his outstanding performances in films like Zanjeer (2013), Sarbjit (2016), Haseena Parkar (2017) and then also made us love his acting chops in hit digital webseries like Aarya (Disney Hotstar, 2020) and Crackdown (Voot, 2020), in his recent exclusive interview with us, Ankur Bhatia says I had great time working with Sushmita in Aarya.

The hit digital series which was loved by fans and audiences in last year 2020 Aarya is coming back to the digital screens soon with its second season which has made a much awaited series of the year 2021 and in his latest conversational interview, film actor Ankur Bhatia says I had great time working with Sushmita in Aarya.

Spilling more beans about his experience of working with the stellar bonafide Bollywood diva Sushmita Sen in Aarya, in his latest interview with us, actor Ankur Bhatia says I had great time working with Sushmita in Aarya.

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When asked about his experience of working with Sushmita Sen in Aarya, on this Ankur said, “I had great time working with Sushmita Sen in Aarya. The first time I met her was during my workshop for season 1 in last year. Within few seconds of talking to her, I knew that she is so down to earth and also was so nice to me. It was really easy for me to open up to her and we shared our family histories since we were playing brother and sister so we both wanted to get to know each other more than usual. So, we spoke about life, perspective on life, and within few hours we both were right at the same page and operating on same frequency. After that, our scenes, preparations and everything was fun and more like a cake walk. We both wanted to do something different like bringing in the reality and capturing the truth as we both gelled so well. It was a really fun and learning experience since she also has a lot of experience in the industry. She is a very well sorted thorough actor. It was really great and now am doing season 2 which is like coming back to family since she is a part of my family now”.

Sharing some details about what could be the X factor of Aarya season 2, Ankur said, “There are lots of twists and turns in season 2 which will be keeping you hooked up to your seats and on the edge. I can’t reveal much since we are filming right now but I can assure you that if you liked season 1 you will love this one as well. We are making sure to keep up with what we have done in season one and kind of exceed the expectations of the audiences where we are trying our level best to do that. But I can assure you that this is going to be a fast ride”.

When asked about his path breaking performance till date, Ankur said, “The path breaking character I’ve played so far has to be Sangram in Aarya. It has been a long journey for starting from Zanjeer followed by Sarbjit and then Haseena Parkar and then I did few films which are yet to be released and after this, Aarya happened and by the time I started preparing for Sangram, I had gotten immense amount of training and experience both as an actor and a human being which is why I could use all those to make Sangram really believable. A little bit of Sangram is there in everyone since everybody want to exceed in life and he has that aspiration. One of the major things in Sangram is that he is not like me. I am an educated and organized person who thinks before talking. I make very calculated decisions whereas Sangram is total opposite as he doesn’t thinks before he talks, he is not calculated at all, he is impulsive and has anger issues. He is a young hot blooded Rajput. Playing Sangram was fun since he is a total fun character and little things which he does has a huge impact. When I was starting, I sat with my director and coach Vinod Rawat on shoot, he said that, ‘Everybody would play Sangram in certain way which is going to be like he is a villain, but I don’t want you to play Sangram like that, I would want you to play it how you would want to do it and every villain is a hero in his own story. So, play it that way’. We worked towards that and I prepared Sangram totally with that thing in my mind that Sangram is not a bad person, he is doing wrong but in his mind he is a hero which actually changed my whole perspective in treating the character and I feel that I was successfully able to deliver it. I feel that playing Sangram has really taught me a lot as an actor and I could just translate what I was thinking into reality and make it believable which is what we all are aspiring towards”.

Opening up about his next lineup of exciting projects in pipeline, Ankur said, “Currently I am shooting for Aarya 2 which is going to be my next release as well and post that, I’ll be starting on shoot of Crackdown 2 for Voot. So those are the two things which will be coming out and then I also did a film called Ravan Leela with Prateek Gandhi last year which is set to release in this year so I am looking forward to that as well. There are couple of things which are in pipeline, in talks but we’ll have to wait for them to blend it”.

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