Lala Kent To Drop Triple Bs On Social Media, Know What’s Triple Bs

Lala Kent has decided to post the bold side of her during her second pregnancy, and said "I'll be dropping triple Bs on you for the next 5 months."

The Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is enjoying her second motherhood. The Row actress comes into the limelight due to her extra-bold appearances and many times gets trolled by netizens. Well, she doesn’t give a damn about it, and now she has decided to be as bold as she can during her second pregnancy. Her Instagram story on April 17 went viral on the internet. Her story was an answer to all those who were telling her to limit herself.

Sharing a naked selfie, where she covered her body precisely with a towel, she wrote, “Keep clutching your pearls, Jans.” She flaunted her baby bump in that mirror selfie, “I’ll be dropping triple Bs on you for the next 5 months. Try not to have a heart attack over it,” she added. This was her direct, smart comeback to her haters. 

You must be thinking, what are these Triple Bs? No worries, Lala popped up in her Instagram story on April 18, “‘What are Triple Bs? Lala’s gonna be dropping Triple Bs on us for the next five months? What, what is Triple Bs?” She explained, “It’s boobs, bump and butt, that’s what it means. So now you know. You heard it here first, I just made it up.”

Lala shared a 2-year-old daughter, Ocean, with Randall Emmett. But now, as they have separated their ways, she conceived another baby through a sperm donor and hence she is incredibly excited about being a single mother. The 33-year-old expressed that she felt happy, empowered and independent. The life Lala is living currently is beyond her expectations, but she termed it as WILD. 

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