Animal Controversy: MP’s Daughter Came Out “Crying” After Watching The Film!

After critics, MP Ranjeet Ranjan brutally bashes and criticizes film, Animal for portraying and promoting violence, nudity, and toxicity in the film.

Ever since the release, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial “Animal” has been grabbing the headlines. While the film is performing well at the box office, on the other hand, the movie has been called out for toxicity, violence,  misogynistic content, and s*x scenes. And now this issue has reached the parliament. Reportedly, Chhattisgarh’s INC MP Ranjeet Ranjan slammed the makers for its content and revealed that her daughter “came out crying” after watching the film with her friends.

According to Aaj Tak, Ranjeet Ranjan stated that cinema and films are something that influence the youth, however nowadays films like Pushpa, Kabir Singh, and now Animal are affecting the mindset of the youth. She then revealed that her daughter went to watch “Animal” with her college friends but came out of the theatre crying halfway through the picture.

She then brutally slammed filmmakers for showing so much violence in the film. “So much violence, so much violence and molestation of women. I don’t like showing such things in pictures. Look at ‘Kabir Singh’, how he treats his wife, people, and society and pictures are also showing him justifying.”

Ranjeet Ranjan claimed that films like Animal, and Kabir Singh are not suitable for kids. The violence presented in the film is wrong for children since many children might start considering such characters as their “role models” which is wrong.

Why Is Animal Facing Criticism?

Meanwhile, apart from Ranjeet Ranjan, many critics, famous personalities, and audiences have slammed the film for portraying and promoting violence, toxic masculinity, and nudity in the film. However, despite the huge criticism, the film managed to perform well at the box office crossing 300cr domestically and 500cr internationally.

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