All You Need To Know About Web-Series On Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari was a popular Hindi film actress who worked in several iconic films. She was popularly known as ‘The Tragedy Queen’, partially because of her roles in reel life and partially for the tragedies in her real life. From becoming the breadwinner of her poor family at the age of 4, to being abused by her husband and losing her life to a liver disease at the age of 38, Meena Kumari didn’t have an easy life. And now, a web-series based on her life is in the talks. It will be produced by Prabhleen Kaur. She has acquired the rights of a book titled Mahjabeen As Meena Kumari’ by Ashwini Bhatnagar. Details of cast and crew are yet to be announced. The web series aims to cover all aspects of her life- including her childhood, career and controversies. Talking about the web-series, Prabhleen says, “The best names from vintage Hindi film journalism have been hired to provide authentic research. We intend to start with a web series and then move onto a feature film on the gifted actress for whom the term ‘Tragedy Queen’ was coined. We are not in any hurry.” The makers also plan to make a feature film after the web-series.