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Alia’s Dear Zindagi Co-star Ali Zafar Stands Together With India

Whilst in his latest interview conversation with India's leading digital news wire agency, Alia's Dear Zindagi co-star Ali Zafar stands together with India in second wave of COVID 19.

We all are witnessing how the second wave of COVID 19 in India has nearly wiped away almost 1/4th of our country’s population whilst many people each day are seen struggling with virus for oxygen and hospital beds and in midst of all this, Alia’s Dear Zindagi co-star Ali Zafar stands together with India.

This is true that even now in the midst of chaos, Bollywood celebs are using their social media might to help the people who need help while celebs from the West or other parts of the world continue to send donations and prayers for the country and now an interesting news here is that Alia’s Dear Zindagi co-star Ali Zafar stands together with India.

In the growing list of celebs and actors who have come forward and are supporting our country to fight the second wave of pandemic more strongly, Alia’s Dear Zindagi co-star Ali Zafar stands together with India.

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Pakistani film icon and playback singer and also Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi co-star Ali Zafar recently is seen showing his support and strong solidarity with India and is also praying for all of the people in India who have been hugely affected by the COVID 19 second wave.

In his latest interview with a leading indian digital agency, Ali said that Indian people are facing tough times and many people should understand humanity now and also mentioned that Pakistani people are standing strongly in support and solidarity with India and also praying for their well-being as well. Explaining all this, Ali said, “People of India, you are facing tough times and pain one cannot imagine. In Pakistan, too, people are troubled. Maybe these tough times will make us understand what humanity is, and the fact that there is nothing bigger than humanity. In these difficult times, the people of Pakistan and I stand with you and pray for your wellbeing”.

He also added, “We all are praying to God that our difficulties get resolved soon and there is happiness everywhere in India, Pakistan and everywhere else in the world. Let’s all stand together and pray for each other during these difficult times”.

Sharing a video message on his official insta handle and also talking about the hard work that the labourers are doing during the crisis, Ali said, “Our #labourers are unsung heroes who don’t even get the admiration and wages they deserve. Let’s unite to express our love, respect and admiration for our labour workforce”.

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