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5 Times When Abhishek Bachchan Talked About His Struggles

On Abhishek Bachchan's birthday, check out the 5 times when he spoke about his struggles.

Actor Abhishek Bachchan started his career in the year 2000 with JP Dutta’s film ‘Refugee’. In his career, he has delivered some remarkable films like ‘Guru’, ‘Sarkar Raj’, ‘Paa’ and ‘Bunty Aur Babli’.

Abhishek, being the son of megastar Amitabh Bachchan has to constantly fight a battle to prove his calibre. While star kids are often accused of nepotism and their success is credited to their families, celebs like Abhishek Bachchan have many times spoken about how they too have to struggle in their life.

Today, Abhishek turns 46-years-old. On his birthday, let’s check out the times when the actor talked about his struggles:

1- When Abhishek talked about being dyslexic:

In 2011, Abhishek confessed to having a learning disability as a child. He said at a public event, “I was diagnosed with dyslexia at nine and sent to an European school, but only knew myself as a dyslexic after graduating.”

2- When Abhishek had to drop out of college due to lack of money:

Abhishek is the son of Bollywood’s biggest superstar Amitabh Bachchan. It is obvious for everyone to believe that Abhishek grew up with all kinds of luxuries. However, the actor recently revealed that he had to drop out of his college due to lack of money. It happened when Big B’s charm was not working on screen and he went bankrupt in 1999 when he established his production house.

Abhishek revealed, “He had to borrow money from his staff to put food on the table. I just felt morally obliged to be with him. I called him and I said ‘You know dad, I think I want to leave college halfway and come back and just be with you, try and help you in whatever way’.”

Abhishek also said, “I can’t be here sitting in Boston when my father doesn’t know how he’s going to get dinner. And that’s how bad it was. And he said it publicly.”

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3- When Abhishek revealed how he got his first film:

We believe that getting a film is a cakewalk for star kids. However, Abhishek said that he had to struggle very hard to get his break. He said, “It took me over two years to get my first film. A lot of people would think that being Mr. Bachchan’s son, people are going to be lined up around the block. No, they weren’t. I spoke to almost each and every director before starting, and they did not decide to work with me, and that’s fine.”

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4- When he was not considered a ‘big star’:

The actor said in an interview, “I’ve been in a situation where I’ve gone to a public function and you’re made to sit in the front row and you feel, ‘Wow! I didn’t think they’d put me in the front row. Okay, great!’ But then a bigger star shows up and they are like, ‘Okay, get up, move to the back’, and you go to the back. It’s all part of showbiz. You can’t take it personally.”

5- When he talked about being ‘unemployed’:

Abhishek has been through several ups and downs in his career. Shedding light on it, he said, “I’ve seen the good side of being an employed actor, I’ve seen the other side of being an unemployed actor. The point is, you can’t take things personally… At the end of the day, it’s just business. If your films are not doing well, nobody’s going to put money on you to make another film. So, I do believe that the conversation around this whole nepotism has become a bit convenient. And we’re forgetting certain details. It’s taken a lot of effort, a lot of heartache and heartbreak to make it through these 21 years. It’s not been easy.” 

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Life’s not honey and pancakes for anyone. Each one of us has different kinds of struggles. But how we deal with them makes us who we are! It’s always better to stop comparing our struggles with someone else’s and instead start focusing on how to make our lives better. And then only, we can truly grow as a person!

We wish Abhishek Bachchan a very happy birthday!

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