Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Vidya Today Episode


Vidya And Vivek’s Conversation On How To Make Dal?

Amidst coronavirus lockdown, the love between Vidya and Vivek gets more stronger as the couple get into an interesting conversation, while Vidya is preparing...

Vivek And Vidya Celebrate 6 Months Wedding Anniversary

Amidst coronavirus lockdown, the love between Vidya and Vivek gets more stronger as the beautiful couple celebrate their 6 months wedding anniversary.

Vidya: College Officials Praise Vidya’s Effort

On tonight’s episode of Vidya, College officials thank Vidya for saving other students from failing.

Vidya: Munni’s Mother Expose Vidya’s Truth

Munni’s Mother gathers everyone around including Avtaar Singh and tells everyone Vidya is not a real teacher.

Vidya Helps College Officials To Find The Exam Cheater

While Vidya is writing exam along with other students, officials enter the classroom and ask them to stop writing the exam.

Vidya Tells Vivek To Never Reveal Her Truth To Anyone

Vidya asks Vivek to swear and not tell anyone that he knew her truth.

Vidya: Munni’s Mother Is Surprised Seeing Vidya In Such Condition

On tonights episode of Vidya, Vidya is despaerate to reach her exam hall and that’s when she sees Munni’s mother.

Vidya: Vivek’s Mother Put Vidya In A Difficult Situation

On tonights episode of Vidya, Vidya who’s is desperate to reach her exam hall, but Vivek’s mother doesn’t want her to reach the destination.

Vidya: Vidya Tries To Calm Down Vivek

On tonight’s episode of Vidya, Vidya tries to console Vivek after she spilled hot water on Vivek by mistake.

Vidya Signals Vivek That She’s In Trouble

On tonights episode of Vidya, Munna Pandey tries to execute Vidya by hanging her, but he doesn’t know Vidya has been signaling to Vivek...

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