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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Indian Government

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Centre to discuss 4-point agenda with farmers on Dec 30

The Centre, on Monday, invited farmers to discuss all issues on Wednesday i.e., December 30, 2020. This invitation comes as a response to the...

The Age For Marriage In Relation To Motherhood: Government to Decide

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that his government will now take a collective decision on the legal age for marriage for girls. This...

Wikipedia may shut down if India passes new internet law: Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Foundation, that hosts and operates Wikipedia, has said that it will be difficult to run the company in India once the government decides to pass the new internet regulation law.
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Emraan Hashmi Reveals The Reason Why He Stays Away From Limelight

Actor Emraan Hashmi has been a part of the Bollywood industry for about two decades now. He has worked in many great films and...

Sony Music India Announces Sangeetha Aiyer As Director Of Promotions

This is indeed an amazing news wherein the nationally prominent music giant Sony Music India announces Sangeetha Aiyer as director of promotions. Just a few...

Vidhi Pandya: Imli Has Been Path Breaking Performance In My Career

Best known for her strong performances in telly industry from past five years now, stunning TV actress Vidhi Pandya says Imli has been path...