Viral Video: Sana Javed Gets Visibly Enraged After Crowd Chant Sania Mirza’s Name At PSL

A video of Shoaib Malik's wife Sana Javed is going viral on social media in which the actress was seen visibly enraged after crowd teased her with Sania Mirza's name.

During a recent cricket match, Pakistani actress Sana Javed, who is married to cricketer Shoaib Malik, endured chants of ‘Sania Mirza,’ the name of Malik’s ex-wife. The incident occurred while she was present at a Pakistan Super League match between Karachi Kings and Multan Sultans. A video capturing her response to the chants has since become viral on X.

Fans Chant Sania Mirza’s Name At PSL To Tease Sana Javed

During the match, a segment of the crowd became unruly and started recording Sana while chanting Sania’s name. Sana attended the match to support her husband Shoaib, who was playing for Karachi Kings. Despite her presence to cheer him on, a group of fans persisted in chanting Sania’s name.

In the video, Sana is seen looking at the audience with a neutral expression before ignoring them. In one clip, she is observed moving towards the VIP section, while in another, she remains seated there despite the continuous chants. She even turned around and conversed with someone nearby in an attempt to address the persistent chanting.

Sana Javed-Shoaib Malik

Sana and Shoaib tied the knot in January. Sania’s family revealed that the couple had separated a few months earlier, with Sania seeking a ‘khula’ – a unilateral divorce. The cricketer and actor surprised their fans by sharing pictures from their wedding ceremony. Prior to this, Shoaib was married to Indian tennis star Sania. They had a lavish wedding in Hyderabad in April 2010 and later relocated to Dubai. The couple shares a son named Izhaan Mirza Malik.

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