Mahesh Babu To Make Bollywood Debut After Saying Industry Can’t Afford Him

Mahesh Babu is ready to enter the Hindi market months after his remarks that triggered controversy

Mahesh Babu, who sparked a massive controversy for his comment on Bollywood, is now gearing up for a Hindi film. The Telugu superstar had earlier stated, “Bollywood can’t afford me”. Earlier he had mentioned that he don’t want to work in an industry which can’t afford him. This triggered a fuss and the latest reports suggest that the actor is now ready to enter the Hindi market months after his remarks. 

Mahesh Babu will have to eat up his words as he will be doing a Bollywood film with SS Rajamouli. The reports of the actor making a Bollywood debut come months after his comment ‘Bollywood can’t afford me’. If reports are to be believed RRR director Rajamouli will star Mahesh Babu in his upcoming project.

According to a source close to the development, “Mahesh Babu is all set to enter the Hindi market in a big way with his upcoming movie, which is with none other than arguably India’s biggest filmmaker today, SS Rajamouli. In fact, this is supposed to be the main reason why his last release, Sarakaru Vaari Paata, wasn’t dubbed and released in Hindi, and probably why his next film, tentatively titled SSMB28, with Director Trivikram, will also not release in a Hindi.”

Not much information is revealed about the project but as per reports, “The film that Rajamouli will make with Mahesh Babu is based on a terrific idea, never attempted before. But Mahesh wants the screenplay to be worked-upon and fine-tuned. Rajamouli is more than happy to oblige.”

His statement “Bollywood can’t afford me” had created headlines in past months. To revise, during a press conference of Major which is produced by Mahesh Babu, he said “I did get a lot of offers in Hindi, but I don’t think they can afford me. I don’t want to waste my time working in an industry which can’t afford me. The stardom and the respect I get here (in South) is huge, so I never really thought of leaving my industry and going to some other industry. I have always thought of doing films and becoming bigger. My dream is coming true now and I can’t be happier.”

The south actor’s comment was blown out of proportion and went viral. While many Bollywood fans denounced him for his words few actors understood his context and supported him. Nevertheless, the great news is the Telugu superstar is stepping out of his industry and entering the Bollywood work field. 

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