Rajinikanth-Starring ‘Jailer’ Villain Vinayakan Refutes Receiving Rs 35 Lakh For His Role, Says ‘I Received…’

Contrary To Reports Suggesting He Received A Meager Sum Of Rs 35 Lakhs, Vinayakan Set The Record Straight

Vinayakan, known for his formidable portrayal of the antagonist in Rajinikanth’s film “Jailer,” has firmly refuted rumours circulating regarding his remuneration for the role. Contrary to reports suggesting he received a meager sum of Rs 35 lakhs, Vinayakan set the record straight during an interview with Sark Live Channel.

He emphatically stated, “Contrary to the rumours, I wasn’t paid 35 lakhs for ‘Jailer.’ I hope the producer isn’t hearing this. I received three times that amount. The Rs 35 lakh rumour was the work of certain mischief-makers back home. In any case, I received much more than that. They gave me exactly what I asked for. I was treated like royalty on the sets and was compensated well.”

Vinayakan went on to shed light on the meticulous preparation that went into his character, emphasizing the dedication he invested in the role. “Every character needs space, and for this, they have a huge space. First of all, they studied and programmed the character quite clearly. I worked on this for a year. Because of this, I didn’t take up other projects.”

Expressing his deep admiration for Rajinikanth, Vinayakan revealed, “Do whatever you want and hugged me. Every single day he would ask for me on the sets, and hugged me.”

He didn’t stop there, describing Rajinikanth as more than just an actor, saying, “He’s not an actor to me. He’s my God. I have been his follower for 25-30 years. He’s not just a human for me; he’s my Baba.”

In addition to his role in “Jailer,” Vinayakan also plays a pivotal part in director Mridul Nair’s upcoming film “Kasargold,” starring Asif Ali. In this crime drama, Vinayakan portrays a corrupt police officer, and the movie is said to be inspired by true events related to gold smuggling in Kerala.

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