When Subhash Ghai Was Allegedly Accused Of Casting Couch, ‘He Took Me To The Bedroom And Said, Surrender To Me Completely’

Rina Golan In Her Tell-All Autobiography, Dear Mr Bollywood, Which Spans 119 Pages, Provides A Candid Account Of Her Journey In Bollywood

The issue of the casting couch in Bollywood is not hidden, and many struggling actors and actresses have accused industry insiders of seeking se*ual favors in exchange for roles. While these allegations often remain concealed, occasionally they come to light, creating a sensation for a few days before fading away with time.

In one such instance, we unveil an accusation leveled against one of the biggest filmmakers in Bollywood.

 Rina Golan in her  tell-all autobiography, “Dear Mr. Bollywood,” which spans 119 pages, provides a candid account of her journey in Bollywood, with the casting couch phenomenon taking center stage.

She has made headlines by accusing industry veterans, including filmmaker Subhash Ghai, renowned singer Anup Jalota, director Anees Bazmee, and even Dr. Ali Irani, of seeking sexual favors in exchange for career opportunities.

In an interview with Mail Today, Rina emphasized that her intention was never to tarnish anyone’s reputation but rather to shed light on a concealed yet prevalent issue. She stated, “The book is about my journey in Bollywood, and the casting couch has been the most important part of it. There is nothing negative about anyone, but the phenomenon is very much a reality, and people should know about it. I have just honestly penned my experiences with the people I met in Mumbai while exploring options to make an entry into the film industry.”

Rina’s book takes the form of an open letter to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, expressing her admiration for him and her deep affection for the industry. However, within its pages, she recounts unsettling encounters with industry veterans.

One of the most striking allegations involves Subhash Ghai, as Rina details an incident where he made advances towards her, attempting to take her to his bedroom. She quotes from the book, “I want you to trust me and surrender to me completely. I will take you around with me everywhere and you will see how your life will change, he said. Subhash took me to the bedroom … I decided to change my normal approach and abandon my principles. But there was no way I could fool myself. If I had made it this far without giving in to some powerful … guy offering to help me then why should I give up now? “.

Additionally, Rina reveals an incident involving director Anees Bazmee, who invited her to dinner when she approached him for a role in his film “Thank You,” casually suggesting, “We would have some fun.” These revelations cast a harsh spotlight on the uncomfortable power dynamics at play within the entertainment world.

Notably, renowned singer Anup Jalota also faces allegations in the book, with Rina claiming that he once expressed a desire to “cheat on his wife.”

In her closing statements, Rina Golan reaffirms her commitment to honesty and transparency, despite the potential consequences for her future prospects in Bollywood. She emphasizes that her revelations are not driven by publicity or a ploy to boost book sales but rather a genuine effort to bring awareness to the casting couch issue that continues to haunt aspiring talents in the industry. These revelations have reignited a crucial conversation about the urgent need for change and greater transparency within Bollywood.

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