Sunday, September 20, 2020

    O Vatsyayana | Comedy Web Series


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    Somewhere up there in the celestial world, a game of poker is in progress. Two people, Alpha and Omega are feeling lucky as they are quite certain that they will beat Vatsyayan this time and end all their humiliation. Aditya is in a relationship with Ananya and he loves her dearly. Unfortunately for him, he just doesn’t get her and she leaves him. Vatsyayan accepts the gauntlet of making a ‘man’ of Aditya and teaching him a thing or two about love… but only as long as Alpha & Omega do not mention ‘her’. Who is this woman who makes the great Vatsyayan shudder? Will Vatsyayan manage to transform Aditya into a Casanova? Watch O Vatsyayana Web Series now.

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