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Know more about the recent trend of ‘Momcations’

This recent trend of momcation is taking the Business industry to another level. Read to know more.

What if your mother announces a strike one day? Well, we are sure no one in this whole wide world will ever imagine a thing like this. Mother’s job is a tough job for once and the lifetime. While we take her granted every time, have you ever thought that she needs a vacation too?

Momcations is the recent new trend emerging in the world. Moms too sometimes feel that she needs to go on a solo trip. This unique travel opportunity for mothers who a willing to go on a solo adventure. The phenomenon has been dubbed a “momcation” by industry experts and eager social media sharers.

Industry experts have already touted that this will be a big name in the coming years, unfortunately there are very less packages available. “Women are still charged double occupancy rates at many hotels when they travel alone. Basically, if you don’t have a partner traveling with you, you are still stuck paying for one anyway,” said Kris Ruby. “If hotels really want to attract more solo travelers, single women or moms, then they should create pricing packages that do not force them into paying double occupancy rates.”

On the positive side, Ruby said social media has increased a level of transparency for some moms and has also helped them connect with others who are going through the same parenting struggles.

“’Girls Night Out’ has always been popular before social media existed,” Ruby pointed out, “Momcationing is just the new version of it for moms with a fancy new hashtag.”

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