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Donald Trump Targets Ilhan Omar; Calls Her An Illegal Migrant

Donald Trump has gone on record to shame Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar for being born in a different country.

Donald Trump targets Ilhan Omar during a rally in Ocala. He feels that he will be winning Minnesota in the November Elections undefeated. Trump’s reason is that as the representative was born in Somalia, he has a clear shot at winning.

“She hates our country. She comes from a place that doesn’t even have a government, and then she comes here tells us how to run our country,” he told his audience.

“Thank you very much, she’s a real, she’s a wonderful person,” he added, sarcastically.

“If you look at the House with Pelosi and these people, it’s like they hate Israel and they believe in Omar, who came in here and married her brother or something, came in illegally,” Trump said, in reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

 “Come on, come on Justice. Let’s go Justice, Department of Justice.”

Omar and other liberal women lawmakers are also on Trump’s radar to bash. They are always targeted by him in all of his speeches.

Ilhan Omar came to US at the age of 12 and after 5 years was a proper US citizen.

She has been a target of a lot of conservative media channels and denied all rumours they have been peddling out. Omar was also accused of being married to her brother tow which she responded as being absurd and offensive. She gave this statement during her congressional campaign.

Ilhan Omar has also being falsely accused of immigration fraud as no evidence was found about that or her marriage.

Donald Trump had previously himself promoted the rumor, telling reporters in July 2019 that “I’m sure somebody would be looking at that.”

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Ilhan Omar’s Response

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar responded to President Trump and called him racist.

“The President clearly loves to prey on people’s fears. He spreads the disease of hate everywhere he goes, and these cult rallies that he’s holding across the country are now being fueled by fear, and it is no surprise that he is so fearful of winning Minnesota that he has to resort to this hate. Not only is he a racist, but he’s a racist xenophobic. Because he’s not against immigration, he’s just against immigrants who look like me,” she added.

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