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BlackPink To Leave YG Entertainment And Will Be Associated With Black Label

Blackpink calls off its association with YG Entertainment.

Popular K-pop idol BlackPink has been literary ruling the world. They are currently on a world tour to Middle east, Europe, and America. Girl k-pop artist has made their mark on the world.

Lately, a buzz has been going around these K-pop artists that they have come to terms with their label under YG entertainment. It is said that Blackpink has left its sponsor for YG and will now be linked to the subsidiary firm Black Label.

THE BLACK LABEL was formerly a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, which meant that YG Entertainment controlled more than 50 percent of THE BLACK LABEL. However, since November 2020, THE BLACK LABEL has been a partner company of YG Entertainment. A partner company means that the parent company (YG Entertainment) controls 20 to 50 percent of the company.

The news is yet to be confirmed but in response to this rumor, YG said that they have some time left with the girl group as per their contract.

“I’m not in the position to confirm the news, but our contracts with the members have not yet ended. It’s hard to confirm whether they will sign with The Black Label or not after their contracts end.” — YG Entertainment

Earlier G-Dragon and now Taeyang called off his association with YG Entertainment and will now be an exclusive to Black Label. YG has confirmed the news but G-Dragon is still under YG contract since there is no confirmation from the group.

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment. We would like to inform you that BIGBANG member Taeyang will be joining YG Entertainment subsidiary company THE BLACK LABEL as an artist. We are truly happy to be able to deliver this news. He will still be a member of the YG family and BIGBANG. We understand that many people are waiting for BIGBANG to promote, and we will work hard to make that into reality. Thank you.”

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