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6 New Christmas Movies That Give Xmas 2020 Feels

To make our month of Santa Claus and christmas vibes more exciting even in work from home, there are 6 new christmas movies that give total Xmas 2020 feels.

This is indeed the most exciting month and time of the year 2020 after being plagued by corona virus pandemic from past eight months, finally the year is going to come to an end and it’s the most loved seasons of all, i.e. the season of mistle toes, Santa claus and Christmas. By now everyone knows how working from home gets a little lethargic and at times stressful for everyone, so to relieve that stress and welcome December 2020 happily, these are 6 new christmas movies that give Xmas 2020 feels.

If you’re wanting to enjoy a cuppa hot chocolate by being cuddled in blanket on cold winter weekends and looking for good Christmas flicks to be watched in this holiday season, then here we bring forth list of 6 new christmas movies that give Xmas 2020 feels.

This is the most exciting and favorite month of the entire year for many people across the globe so to get good relaxation on weekends by wanting to watch to enjoy feel good Christmassy movies by being in blankets and with hot chocolates and s’mores, your search ends here as this is a list of 6 new Christmas movies that give Xmas 2020 feels.

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1. Godmothered (December 2020) – This upcoming comedy fantasy film releases tomorrow on 4th December 2020 on Disney +. This is a story about a fantasy world fairy godmother who comes out of the classic fairytale fables into the real world out there where she must try coping up and learn all by herself about how to deal with complex existence of people and human beings outside the comforts and confines of the fairyland. With Enchanted (2006) kind of vibes in the entire film, this is surely a great unique and different approach used other than Disney’s traditional storytelling.

2. Angela’s Christmas Wish (December 2020, Netflix) – This is the sequel to Angela’s Christmas (2017) and also because of which it already has its set and guaranteed audience where this film is specifically aimed and targeting only the smallest kids group age bracket in families and is an adorable children’s film where surely the kids would definitely enjoy the magical style of animation technique used along with a great voice cast and filled with adventures for them.

3. Fat Man (October 2020, Amazon Prime Video) – Fat Man is surely going to become an instant 2020 christmas classic movie for all wrong reasons as the slightly dark dramedy christmas movie features ace Hollywood legendary star Mel Gibson in role of retired Santa Claus and the story of the film is also adventurous and adrenaline filled where the Fatman himself is being hunted and chased relentlessly by a hit man who wants to kill him and then the Santa himself has to fight back with all the weapons that he has at his disposal and overall the film can be termed as violent and over the top as well which will certainly not be forgotten by people so soon.

4. Princess Switch: Switched Again – (Netflix, November 2020) – The original 2019 hit film Princess Switch which was definitely made for a certain section of audiences with a totally entertaining yet festive take on the rom com genre that successfully managed in winning the hearts and applauds of audiences, fans and critics with its brilliant storytelling and ace performance by Vanessa Hudgens and now its sequel The Princess Switch: Switched Again also has proved to be a huge commercial hit with Vanessa donning triple roles of Duchess Margaret, Stacy Denovo, and Margaret’s cousin Fiona which she played with perfection, where this film is a whole new Switch series genre into itself where Switched Again proved that its full of Christmassy festive cheers and vibes.

5. Christmas Chronicles (2018, Netflix) – Another Christmas themed Netflix film that somehow also ended becoming a festive must have christmas tradition movie for some families across the globe with this totally out of the box yet intriguing slice of life take on Santa and his entire life that also captured imagination of audiences of all ages.

6. Holidate (2020, Netflix) – Even though it ended up getting mixed reviews from critics where one section slammed it, but still has successfully managed to create a magical spell in the hearts of audiences where the youth have loved the movie which proves that in this holiday season people love having a bit of cheese along with wine in this winter festive siesta season of Christmas and story is about an unlikely couple who date each other only on the holiday period as a Holidate but end up to start genuinely falling in love with each other.

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