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Google Search app gets Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Google has launched dark mode for Google Search app for all Android and iOS users that will roll out for all users this week. Users can change between light and dark mode by going to the app's settings, the tech giant said.

Google Search app for Android and iOS has finally received the much-awaited Dark Mode feature. The feature has been in the trend for a long time now. With AMOLED displays becoming more common these days, more people need the dark mode interface for the UI as well as the apps on their phones.

Dark Mode not only saves a lot of battery but also makes the Smartphone more usable during the night. With the latest update of the Google Search app, the company has finally rolled out the much-anticipated feature to the masses. However, the feature will be available only for the users running Android 10 or iOS 10 on their smartphone as a default setting.

In order to activate dark mode, the user will just need to change the system-wide theme to dark, which will turn the Google Search app into the dark mode as well. Google will be offering an in-app toggle for the users running Apple’s iOS 12 operating system.

Just like most of the Google apps, this one has also been rolling out for quite some time now as the company wanted to slowly push the update. This would allow the company to check if the update was stable enough to reach the masses.

While the company has not released any timeline, Android and iOS users should receive the update within this week.

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