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Virat Kohli is extremely fit, can play till the age of 40: Ex-player Deep Dasgupta

Virat Kohli and his fitness has become an inspiration for many over the years. The man himself was known as a chubby cricketer once but understood that he needs to take his fitness seriously and practice hard to be the best in the world. And today he is the best batsman across all the formats and is one of the fittest cricketers going around as well.

For the same reason, the former India cricketer Deep Dasgupta feels that the current Indian captain can play until the age of 40. However, for it to happen, he feels that Kohli should keep himself mentally fresh all these years. Dasgupta is extremely impressed with his fitness and reckons it won’t be physically challenging for the India skipper to play for 10 more years.

“He [Virat Kohli] is physically extremely fit. He is very disciplined… He is in his early 30s, so he can basically go on for maybe five, six or maybe even 10 years and play till he is 40. He has got a structure, both mentally and physically, that can propel him to play till his early 40s. More than the physical side, it is the mental side of it… He is such an intense kind of a person. When he is in it, he is in it,” he said in a live Instagram session with Sportskeeda.

Deep Dasgupta is concerned about Kohli getting burned out

But Deep Dasgupta is worried of Virat Kohli getting burned out due to the intensity with which he plays every game. He highlighted the way the 31-year-old gives his 100% on the field and might get fatigued mentally in the coming years. “My only issue or the thing I am concerned about is, can he be fresh, mentally.

“What I have noticed over the years is that people who are so intense, they tend to kind of burn out a little early or be fatigued mentally. It might not be physically but mentally,” the former cricketer who played domestic cricket for Bengal added.

Recently, even Virat Kohli himself had conceded that it will be tough for him to continue playing in all three formats down the line after the next three or four years.

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