Wednesday, September 30, 2020

    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp threatens to boycott Carabao Cup as schedule for World Cup in Qatar

    Liverpool who will be seen playing their Club World Cup in Qatar in December are now scheduled to play the Carabao Cup quarter-finals in the same week. Seems like boss Jurgen Klopp isn't too happy about the same.


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    Jurgen Klopp voiced out his unhappiness with Liverpool’s fixture over Christmas after they won the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup. Liverpool will find out whom they would play against the week beginning December 15. Liverpool was also scheduled to head to Qatar for the Club World Cup the same week and the finals to take place on December 21. All this and more as Liverpool is also scheduled to play on Boxing Day and December 29.

    With the Carabao Cup quarter-finals at the same time as Liverpool’s match in Qatar, Klopp that threatened the club to forfeit the second domestic cup competition if they don’t come up with a suitable compromise. On being asked if he was worried about the fixture pile-up, Klopp said, “I’m not concerned – somebody else has to be concerned because we didn’t make the fixture list, we didn’t make the schedule. I’ve said it already, FIFA told us the Club World Cup will be there and we have to come there. We will do.”

    He further stated, “The Premier League tells us we have to play in the Premier League, which we do obviously. The Carabao Cup, what we did against Arsenal, if they don’t find an appropriate place for us – not 3 am on Christmas Day – then we don’t play it. They have to make that decision.”

    It is said that the Football League is in talks with Liverpool, other quarter-finalists and the Premier League will arrange for Liverpool’s tie for the week beginning January 6, 2020. Liverpool’s schedule is already packed with commitments from the middle of November to the end of 2019. But if they negotiate, there is no guarantee when they would play the semi-final. Klopp stated that they will not be the victim of this problem. They played Arsenal, they wanted to win it, and they did just that. He further stated that if a proper date is not found for them, then they just cannot play the next round and whomever their our opponent would be, will go through.

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