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Jofra Archers CALLS OUT Cristiano Ronaldo troll after disgusting comment about his daughter

Jofra Archer calls out a troll who tweeted something distasteful about Cristiano Ronaldo and his child.

England fast bowler Jofra Archer calls out a troll after a disgusting tweet about Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo and his child.

Trolling is very common when it comes to celebrities but this tweet was truly distasteful and out of line.

A troll took to Twitter to post a video of Cristiano Ronaldo working out with his daughter. The video is very sweet, until you read the disgusting caption by the troll who was reprimanded for it by Manchester United fan Jofra Archer.

“This is a terrible tweet please delete it,” Jofra Archer wrote to the troll on Twitter.

Ronaldo had shared the adorable video earlier this week working out, despite having to take care of his children and captioned it, “No excuses”.

Social media, while allowing celebrities to connect with their fans, also makes t a gateway for hateful comments by trolls.

India’s batting great Rahul Dravid once spoke about why he chooses to stay away from Twitter to a news portal,

“Personally, I’m not a great fan of Twitter. Some of the feedback you get on social networking sites like Twitter is really poor and, sometimes, personal. The U-19 boys sometimes show me the comments they get on Twitter. I don’t know why someone would want to put themselves in line to read stuff like that, which is not at all constructive,” Dravid said at the time.

“It’s like standing at the boundary line. Back in our days, when we would stand at the boundary, we would get a lot of abuse when our back was turned to the crowd. But the moment you turned around and faced the crowd, the same guys will gush about your game and want to shake your hand.Twitter is like a mob. At the end of the day, it is nameless and faceless people who you’re allowing access to yourself.”

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